Trying Out Fishing For The First Time

Trying Out Fishing For The First Time

In Canada, there are many people who loves fishing, but some may be quite too busy that they haven’t tried to do it even if Canada is one of the best place for adventure fishing. So if you finally decide on joining the fishing communities around Canada, you still need to know some basic information before throwing out those rods.

One of the most important fishing essential is a fishing rod. And the best thing that you can do is shop at your local fishing or bait shop. You can ask them for assistance so you can easily try the rods out. You choose what is comfortable and flexible for your hands, just try it all out so you can find what will work best for you. You can also get your other fishing essentials like bait and tackle.

If you live in Vancouver, the best place for salmon fishing or trout fishing is in the river where they usually come up during the spawn season. The local fishing shop can supply you with the best accessories they have for fishing. If you interested with salmon, they usually come up at different times and at locations throughout the season, so you really need to plan if you want to fish when the salmon spawning season comes up.

As for the boat, it is advisable for you to rent a flat bottom river boat, but if you have a lower budget you easily opt for a regular lake boat. This is important as the river depths can be too shallow and unpredictable. Since it’s your first fishing experience, it is best that you hire a guide to help you along the way. You’ll learn a lot from these guides before you can finally do it on your own. This option can be quite expensive, but it’s all worth it when you see all your catch coming up on board.

For the bait, you can ask the local fishing shop what they would suggest for fishing in the area or what works best with salmon if you want try them first. The professional usually suggest fish or salmon eggs for a bait because they can easily be cured. The reason for this is because during the salmon spawn season, the parent fish usually stay near their nest to protect the eggs away from other predators. Because of the current, some eggs will be carried away so the parent first instinct is to pick the eggs and put them back to their nest. So, if you try to put out those eggs out in the water, they will, they will try and retrieve your bait, assuming they are their eggs. You will now have a chance to hook them up.

Finally, for your catch, it is best that you bring a chest with ice to keep your salmon fresh till you got home. You also need to have some gallons of water to clean the catch of the day. You can also save the salmon eggs out of your female catch so you can save the eggs cure it when you get home. You can ask the local shop on how to preserve the eggs so once you have had them cured, you are now ready for your next fishing adventure.