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Salmon fishing will always be challenging regardless of where you fish. But if you want a successful and a memorable experience either on the river or deep sea water, there are some basic fishing tips that can help you along the way. The first thing that you need to know is if the area that you wish to fish needs a permit on your salmon fishing. Regardless of where you fish, always check the fishing regulations for the state or city that you are in.

Your boat is one of the most important “tool" if you are going to fish on a river or on the deep sea. The size of the boat will also determine how many people can come along with you. Most people who enjoy deep sea fishing opt for a chartered boat that’s roughly 20 feet long. These chartered boats usually have a built-in shelter for protection from storms and gusty winds. Some may also have mini cabins if you are planning to stay there for the whole weekend. The boat should be able to withstand waves and a strong current.

You can bring different types of lines depending on the size of the salmon you hope to catch. A cod-line is useful if you are planning to go “down below” at any time. If you want to catch a larger salmon fish, make sure you have brought the correct line. Checkout for all the fishing gear you need. They are one of the best among all the fishing equipment stores in Vancouver.

If you have never fished in a particular area before why not try consulting the local professional and ask them about the best spots to cast your line. You can also try practicing with them to help you find the best fishing locations. Typically, fishers fall into the trap of moving to different spots frequently without waiting long enough to allow the fish to come near. Remember that the frequent movement may also scare the fish away. Most professions would say, the most useful “skill” that you need to have on the water is patience. Once you have located the best fishing spot, give the fish time to be lured, and then do your best to hook them. They said that the time to fish is in the morning and the earlier the better. If you do this, it will surely help you to maximize your overall catch. And if you are lucky, you will have the best wind direction and will be home just in time to cook your catch for dinner.

Another tip is how you will increase the chance of catching a lot of salmon. You can do this by fishing on the edges of your location so you will never startle the fish. By dropping the line on the sides, you can draw the fish in the centre and finally catch them on your line. It is also advisable to change your bait from time to time, so the other fish won’t recognize it as a trap. In some occasion, sharks or bigger fish can be also a predator where you are located. They can interrupt your fishing by frightening other fish away. Try rolling up a rug soaked in fish blood, then simply throw it overboard so the sharks will follow the current with the trail of blood and leave your fishing expedition alone. By following these basic fishing tips, you can rest assure that you will have a wonderful time on your salmon fishing adventure.